Thermofoil Kitchens

Our Thermofoil Kitchens present a cost effective alternative to veneer and varnished kitchens. We offer distinctive wood grain finishes and solid colors. All doors and panels undergo strong quality control and have no visible edging. Face and edge of doors and panels consist of a single continues layer of sheet of foil and the back side is made of metallic or white melamine. Our most popular door style is KASSEL, which represents slab style doors; however, the most distinctive and unique is the TERAMO style, where the handle is integrated into a special milled segment.

  • Snow White Thermofoil Kitchen
  • Sandy Oak Thermofoil Kitchen
  • Thermofoil Kitchen - Kassel Style
  • Asti Style Thermofoil Kitchen
  • Thermofoil Kitchen - Asti Style
  • White Thermofoil Kitchen - Asti Style

Available Styles for Thermofoil Kitchens