Kitchen Finishes

Latest technologies and the best kitchen finishes in the world make our kitchens stand out from everything else. We offer glossy acrylics, matte and lacquered natural veneers, lacquered and matte painted surfaces in 220 ICA colors (Italy), painted and decorative glass finishes in gloss or satin, laminates, structured melamine’s and thermo foils. All together we offer well over 4000 options of finishes.

  • Acrylic Kitchens

    Acrylic Kitchen Finish
  • Veneer Kitchens

    Veneer Kitchen Finish
  • Lacquered Kitchens

    Lacquered Kitchen Finishes
  • Thermofused Kitchens

    Thermofused Kitchen Finish
  • Thermofoil Kitchens

    Thermofoil Kitchens
  • Laminate Kitchens

    Laminate Kitchen Finish
  • Glass Front Kitchens

    Glass Front Kitchen Finishes