Cabinet Box Colors

Our Cabinet Boxes are manufactured using only the finest ¾” textured melamine finishes imported from Germany. We offer 20 cabinet box colors for you to choose from. Cabinet Box edges are finished all the way around with matching pvc edging. High quality of our box surfaces and edging is what makes our boxes last a lifetime.

  • Beige Textile

    Beige Textile

  • Black Oak

    Black Oak

  • Bright Oak

    Bright Oak

  • Dark Walnut

    Dark Walnut

  • Ecru Color


  • Graphite Textile

    Graphite Textile

  • Maple Color


  • Marshy Oak

    Marshy Oak

  • Oiled Walnut

    Oiled Walnut

  • Pastel Acacia

    Pastel Acacia

  • Pret a Porter

    Pret a Porter

  • Silver Color


  • Titanium Color


  • Waxed Oak

    Waxed Oak

  • White Color


  • White Oak Cabinet Box colors

    White Oak