Acrylic Kitchen Styles

Our Acrylic Kitchens represent top of the line high gloss finish surface which is available in a wide range of colors and door styles. All doors and panels undergo strict quality control to make sure there are no “ripples” within the surface. Edges of doors and panels are finished in matching material as the front surface or (optionally) can be done in aluminum or stainless steel. Our most popular door style is KASSEL, which represents slab style doors; there are several styles of doors available with integrated aluminum handles and the most popular of them is COLOGNE.
  • Acrylic Kitchen with Cologne Style
  • White acrylic kitchen with aluminum doors
  • White/Grey Acrylic Kitchen
  • White acrylic kitchen with veneer wrapping
  • White Acrylic kitchen with integrated handles
  • White Acrylic Kitchen - Kassel Style

Available Styles for Acrylic Kitchens