Available Acrylic Kitchen Colors

We offer wide range of solid, metallic and wood grain acrylic colors. Flawless quality of gloss finishes makes it perfect and irresistible in kitchen design. Latest technology in acrylic manufacturing now allows to create ripple free reflective surfaces designed to last for decades and imitate glass surface. Our acrylic finishes available with matching PVC, aluminum or stainless steel edging and optionally we offer dual color edge available in face matching color with metallic color. Additionally  you have a choice of integrating face mounted or edge mounted handles. Do not forget to check out our line of handless cabinet boxes where your acrylic kitchen will eliminate any need for handle.
  • AnthraciteAnthracite
  • Black Black
  • Black OakBlack Oak
  • Burgundy Burgundy
  • Cream Cream
  • Dark BrownDark Brown
  • Graphite SnowGraphite Snow
  • Grey Grey
  • Grey SatinGrey Satin
  • Lati OakLati Oak
  • RedRed
  • Sesame SatinSesame Satin
  • Silver SnowSilver Snow
  • VioletViolet
  • White White
  • White SatinWhite Satin