About WiTT Kitchens

Witt Kitchens presenting the cabinetry that is made to last, impress and adapted specifically for Northern American market. We are passionate about our kitchens, creating arrangements, adding character, refining details and providing highest quality that makes us strong and different than others. The manufacturing is based in Poland and is known as a symbol of reliability and advanced technology. We use surfaces and hardware only from proven and most world’s recognized suppliers. Cabinetry we produce is known to be simply the best.

Witt kitchen brand was specifically designed for North American market. We want American people to enjoy true European design and craftsmanship.

We want you, the customer to enjoy our creations and share the joy with your friends and family. Your happiness is important to us as it gives us the drive and energy for creativity and innovation.

One of the most important parts of the world for all of us is the place where we live. Family home is a haven where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of every day’s life. It’s your own world that you create to enjoy life, spending great time in a family circle. This is where we come in; the kitchen is more than just a place for cooking, this is often the heart of our homes where we start the day and spend long evenings.

We like comfortable shoes, well-sewn clothes, so why expect less from the kitchen? In order to meet this requirements, many years ago we took up an approach much broader than just production of kitchens – we do kitchen and cabinet systems that result in the perfect blend between art and technology. We create new concepts and offer new products, expecting them to remain as your dream kitchen for years.

For Northern American Sales and Distribution opportunities contact:
IDS Group, 1925 S. Rosemary St. Unit C, CO 80231 USA, Phone. 303-751-2254